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2021-2022 NEW PRODUCTS

Our 2021 new products have been merged entirely into our online catalog database and are now full searchable on our website. They are included in the latest PDF catalog available for download through our Get A Catalog portion of our website.

We will continue to add new products throughout the year as listed below. These products will be available in our 2022 PDF catalog, but are currently available to order on a custom basis by contacting us.

Catalog # Description
ARC 4260 Alanine, DL-[2,3-14C]
ARC 4261 Pyruvic acid [2,3-14C]
ARC 4263 Topiramate [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4264 Phentermine [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4266 8-Hydroxyquinoline copper [14C]
ARC 4267 2-Iodopropane [2-14C]
ARC 4268 Acetic acid [1-14C] calcium salt
ARC 4269 4,4′-Methylenebis(phenyl isocyanate)
ARC 4270 Barium carbide [14C]
ARC 4271 3-Methoxy-4-(difluoromethoxy)benzaldehyde [carbonyl-14C]
ARC 4272 Alanine, DL-[14C(U)]
ARC 4273 Tri-O-acetyl-D-glucal [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4274 2-Fluoro-4-bromoacetanilide [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4275 4-Bromoacetanilide [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4276 Prothioconazole [triazole-14C]
ARC 4277 Diisopropyl sebacate [carboxyl-14C]

ART 2516 6-Azaindole [4,7-3H]
ART 2517 AF-353 [3H(G)]
ART 2518 HMP [3H(G)]
ART 2520 Dihydrospectinomycin [3H(G)] dihydrochloride pentahydrate
ART 2521 Spectinomycin [3H(G)] dihydrochloride pentahydrate